AIBOC is the premier organisation of bank Officers in the country at the industry level. Commanding an overwhelming majority of over 2.25 lacs officers drawn from various banks, AIBOC has been recognized as the principal bargaining agent both by IBA and the Government. AIBOC is purely apolitical and is run by serving Officers of Banks.

AIBOC has affiliates in 19 Banks in the Public Sector and 8 Banks in the Private Sector. Officers' Organisations in 2 state level Co-operative Banks as also Regional Rural Banks are affiliated to AIBOC.

In order to accelerate the pace of consolidation, separate Federations have been set for Officers of private sector banks, Regional Rural Banks and Co-operative Sector Banks under the Banner of AIBOC.

AIBOC has set up State Units at the headquarters of all States and Union Territories. These Units have in turn set up District Units all over the country.

During the past fourteen years, AIBOC has secured many improvements in the service conditions of Bank Officers. The latest agreement on salary revision for Bank Officers bears ample testimony to the bargaining strength of AIBOC. The victory in the Supreme court in the matter of appointment of Officer Directors on the Boards of Nationalised Banks is yet another feather in AIBOC's cap. AIBOC is also committed to secure the terminal benefit of pension to all the bank Officers before long.

As regards officers in RRBs, AIBOC has already put forth its claims before the National Industrial Tribunal, Hyderabad demanding parity of treatment to RRB Officers on the principle of 'equal pay for equal work'.

AIBOC also aims at bringing about a change in the Management system, from the present bureaucratic anachronism to a harmonious democratic order.

Our General Secretary is a Member of AIBOC National Executive Comittee. Our President and General Secretary are the Executive Comittee members of the Tamil Nadu State unit of AIBOC.